Home Renovations to Increase Your Home Value

It’s common knowledge that some homeowners have some home renovations or upgrades done to have their properties updated or sometimes, repaired. But, on some occasions, renovations are done to increase a property’s resale value.

Home Renovations

However, not every kind of renovation can actually help raise the value of your home. As a matter of fact, the renovations you need to do to your home don’t have to be big ones – they can be simple; you don’t have to turn a room into a home theater or install a swimming pool for your home value to rise.


In choosing the type of home renovation you want to have, you have to think of two things – curb appeal and serviceability.


When it comes to curbing appeal, you should take into consideration parts of your home that immediately get the attention – like your lawn, your door, or the walkway. Proper lawn maintenance or landscaping can help out a lot to make your home nicer to look at. You can clean your door or repaint it to give it a little pop, or you can have paving stones placed on your walkway to spruce it up.


Repainting your exterior and interior walls will make your home look fresher and can attract more people, too,


Another minor adjustment you can do is replacing the lights in your home. An upgrade for your dusty and old sconces will do the trick.


Serviceability, on the other hand, must not be taken for granted. For an instance, you might want to add a second living room in your home thinking it will attract buyers, but some of the tiles in your bathroom are now discolored. Instead of going to the second living room, you should pay attention to improving what you already have and not focus on the more ‘luxurious’ look all the time.


Check for anything that’s not working properly in your home and repair or replace them – faucets, light switches, creaky floorboards, and so on.