Advantages of Adding a Detached Garage

When thinking of making an addition to your home, there are numerous rooms you can consider – and one of them is a detached garage.


While some homeowners may immediately prefer an attached garage because building it is more affordable than a detached garage, a detached garage can actually offer you many extra advantages over an attached garage other than just being a safe place to park your car.

Detached Garage

One of the most important advantages of a detached garage is that it can give you more security and protection than an attached garage. For an instance, if something bad is to happen to your detached garage, if it caught fire, for instance, the fire won’t easily reach your house because it is contained in another structure. On the other hand, if your garage is attached to your house, the fire can spread quickly and consume your home entirely in a matter of minutes. Another is having a garage will automatically increase the value of your home and increase curb appeal if planning to sell down the road. 


Another advantage of a detached garage is that it gives you the freedom to turn the space beside your house to something more appealing, such as a paved patio or a veranda – which will definitely be out of the question if you used that space for an attached garage.


A detached garage can also give you more opportunities to spruce up your home even more – like adding a beautiful roofed walkway from your house to your garage. Not only would this roofed walkway be a decorative addition to your home, but it will also be beneficial (especially during a rainy weather) as you need it to get to your garage from your house.


Since a detached garage is basically a separate structure from your home, you can explore many options to make it more functional than just a garage; you can make use of the space above it and turn it into something useful. Some turn the second story of their detached garage into a place for relaxation or hanging out – like a deck or patio.